Shakespeare Conquest

Language Arts, Acting

and Life Skills


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What is Shakespeare Conquest?

Shakespeare Conquest is a year-long course created by the Leadership Education Mentoring Institute (LEMI),

which utilizes the classic writings of William Shakespeare, the historical context of the Elizabethan period, and the mechanics of acting

to aid students in recognizing they can be part of something great and how to discover their personal mission in life.  


How Does

Shakespeare Conquest

Impact Students?

"Shakespeare Conquest is one of the best classes my twin homeschooled daughters (now 17) ever participated in.

They did SC for 3 years (the first two of which they were fortunate enough to be mentored by Juliet Bellinger)

and each year saw continued growth, understanding and excitement to delve deeper into Shakespeare's works.

Juliet has a brilliant approach with children that makes the content accessible yet challenging.

There are so many ways that SC benefits scholars and allows their learning to transcend class time.

They build confidence in their ability to tackle substantive literature, their communication, leadership and teamwork skills,

and that's not even touching on how many life lessons are offered in the text. As a mentor Juliet is gifted - she's skilled, patient,

does an excellent job of engaging the scholars with the text and is an amazing director

(the-end-of-year performances are a source of huge fun and pride for the scholars - they work hard, learn a ton, and have a blast!)"

-Marisa K., Fallbrook, CA

"Being in Mrs. Bellinger's class taught me so many things in addition to the works of Shakespeare. Teamwork, public speaking

and improvisation are all skills we worked on, while having a lot of fun!"

-Daphne K., Fallbrook, CA


Shakespeare Conquest



Details about the Course

William Shakespeare is recognized as one of the most gifted and influential writers of all time.  His plays and sonnets survive and thrive hundreds of years after their creation because of their timeless topics and Shakespeare’s mastery of illuminating the intricacies of human behavior. Why then, do so few people regularly watch, read or listen to Shakespeare’s works.  Often, it is because the language can be difficult and foreign to what we are used to today. However, through immersion, context and discussion, one can unlock the mystery of the language of the bard and glean all of the wisdom, talent and rich culture his writings offer.

Through Shakespeare Conquest, students will learn:

  • They can do hard things by immersing themselves in the language of the bard
  • From the history of the Elizabethan Period, how to determine their place in the world and the course they will follow
  • Through working with others, how to disagree while remaining civil, teamwork, trust, and much more
  • Through the close reading of two Shakespeare plays and group discussions, important topics such as trust, forgiveness, loyalty and integrity.
  • As they participate in the coursework and acting exercises, confidence, memorizing, writing, speaking up, working with people, presenting, reading difficult things, understanding heightened language and more

In part, this course covers:

  • Who Shakespeare was and why he still is important
  • Poetic Language devices and strategies
  • The culture and history of Elizabethan England
  • Beginning acting
  • Reading difficult texts and being part of a book discussion
  • Writing opinion papers
  • Giving a presentation to peers
  • Working with others

Students will be asked to:

  • Attend class weekly, having read assignments
  • Actively participate in class discussions and acting exercises
  • Write opinion papers from reading prompts
  • Create a 10 minute presentation for class based on selected Elizabethan Era topics
  • Participate in a Shakespeare Festival for all of the families, held in January
  • Participate in the production of one of Shakespeare’s plays in May (includes attending all practices and memorizing all lines)
  • Students also will be challenged to watch, read or listen to 17 unabridged Shakespeare plays.  This is OPTIONAL, but there are rewards for doing so! And I personally have seen many students ages 12-17 complete this task and reap the amazing benefits.

Parents will be asked to:

  • Support their child in obtaining all required reading materials
  • Take an active role in the Shakespeare Fair in January (one evening-simple Elizabethan-themed dinner and activities provided by the students, recognition for accomplishments of students through 1st semester)
  • Fulfill one or more of the jobs to help with the spring performance in May
  • Ensure child attends all practices and memorizes lines

Students will need the following materials:

  • Shakespeare Conquest manual (available through LEMI)
  • Cliffs Complete version of a play (TBA)

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